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1. Alexa Skills development – Smart home skills and custom alexa skills for enterprise.
An example of a custom Alexa skill is ordering medical records online that an Attorney
needs for an upcoming deposition. A paralegal can spend 30 minutes to an hour
manually searching for data and files needed to order medical records online. Alexa can
perform this task in under 5 minutes.

2. Build Software Robots that perform human process (RPA) – We can build bots to
perform rule base repetitive tasks. Implementing a virtual workforce of software robots
significantly cuts down on time spent performing mundane tasks at work. Bots are
faster, more efficient, and cheaper than hiring an employee and paying for benefits.

3. Optimize current systems or build custom systems – If your business uses a software
system (ERP, CRM, etc.) such as SharePoint or salesforce but is not maximizing its
potential, we will leverage its developer tools to automate and streamline your
workflows. We also can build custom business applications tailored to your specific needs.